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MobyFace offers a cost-efficient and secure solution for out-of-band transaction handling based on strong authentication.

Via a mobile app, the user is in control of his digital identity (including personal attributes). Using the scan-check-accept model, the app creates a lower barrier for online identification, sharing up-to-date personal information and other types of transactions. Innovative app security and a standardized trust framework are the basis for the enabling MobyFace Technology.

1. Scan the QR code 2. Check the information 3. Accept the transaction


Innovative solutions

Useful business solutions designed and implemented by security professionals with an eye for great user experience.


Secure & interactive channel with your customer

For online and real-time services the barrier for usage should be minimal. Increasingly, the combination of convenience and security is a key success factor. MobyFace is happy to help you with the innovative and flexible solution for user identification and authentication which puts you back in control of your core business.


Collect up-to-date customer information

Collecting information for your business process and keeping this information up-to-date can be challenging. The one-click-share experience becomes a success factor for location and time independent service. MobyFace is happy to help you with a low-cost yet advanced method to receive validated personal attributes and automatic updates.

Key benefits

cost efficient

up-to-date information


combine transactions

improve user experience

lower barrier

  • Consumers who are able to manage and protect their privacy are up to 52% more willing to share information

  • Security as enabler of convenience, that is innovation!

Recent news

  • MobyFace in the Top 3 of the Identity Innovation Award 2015

    MobyFace in the Top 3 of the Identity Innovation Award 2015

    We are proud to announce that we ended in the top 3 for the Identity Innovation Award 2015. The intention of this award is to stimulate promising innovation in the digital identity field. The ceremony took place wednesday at the annual European Digital Identity conference (IDnext) in the Netherlands...
    [Article] How to handle our Multiple Online Personality Disorder?

    [Article] How to handle our Multiple Online Personality Disorder?

    Many Service Providers like governments, financial institutions and other large organisations offer their customers increasingly advanced online and real-time services. In many cases, digital identification is the #1 sensitive issue. First of all, a unique digital representation of the user (the dig...
    The MobyFace team is working on transaction handling for tomorrow

    The MobyFace team is working on transaction handling for tomorrow

    Although it has been a while since our last social media post appeared, we have been actively propagating our vision on the future of online transactions. Our story is published in both online and printed media, Mark Baaijens has spoken on several conferences about the MobyFace concept and we are ta...
  • Workshop for students in Rotterdam

    Workshop for students in Rotterdam

    On the 4th op April, MobyFace (Mark Baaijens) inspired 45 students with a guest lecture on the topic of digital identities in the future. During this lecture, Mark identified the global trends in online services and the increasing online fraud. Next to that, the ability to combine (and not trade-off...
    MobyFace live on Kickstarter

    MobyFace live on Kickstarter

    MobyFace: Technology to change the future of passwords as launching NL project on Kickstarter In a quick evolving information and network society, users are having a growing stack of passwords. As a result, the demand for a secure technology which would make it easier to get access to those servi...
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